Sinergia Tecnológica brings a new approach in a whole business, with practical solutions and technically and economically feasible according to the reality of the company, keeping alive the binomial quality / performance. Our experience qualifies us to analyze and recommend technical solutions in environments far more implanted.

Among the services performed by Sinergia Tecnologica, by our subsidiary for business process outsourcing, or by any of our afflliated compañies in the Oesia group, we want to remark the following:

  • Software development and maintenance in multiple technologies, among them we highlight Java, Oracle, .Net, ABAP, Cobol and Informix.
  • Operating systems and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Data center operation.
  • Call-center.
  • Help-desk.
  • User support, mostly for Windows platforms.
  • Security management services for TI platforms (iSOC).
  • Mobility management services (iMOC).

We invite you to search and dive into our web site, to gain deeper knowledge of the services we provide, and to obtain references about success stories. Please contact us for any further details, or to get a quote.